Fonejacker London Skyline

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Quirky, daring and very funny. 'The Fonejacker' (Kayvan Novak) is the brains and voice behind an array of wildly inventive characters who make prank calls. Often outrageous, sometimes pushing the limits, but always original and scarily believable, these characters include Terry Tibbs, the car salesman who makes dodgy dealing an artform; Mr Doovde, who talks in bewildering abbreviations and a highly intelligent and talkative mouse, appealing to members of the public on how to rid himself of an evil cat. The calls are visualized for TV using animated pictures of the characters, or by undercover filming in which a disguised Novak is seen making the call. Combining an anarchic feel with hugely funny material, this show appeals to an audience that aren't afraid to be shocked.

UK Broadcaster:  E4, Channel 4

US Broadcaster:  Comedy Central

Awards:  2008 BAFTA (Best Comedy), 2008 Broadcast Award (Best New Programme), x2 RTS Craft & Design Awards.  Nominated for 2008 Rose d'Or Award (Best Comedy).

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Episodes: Series 1 (6 x 1/2 hr), Series 2 (6 x 1/2 hr). Total: 12 x 1/2 hr
Starring: Kayvan Novak
Writers: Kayvan Novak