News item dated:19/09/2014

The Revolution Will Be Televised is back with a brand new series of the BAFTA-winning, satirical comedy for BBC Three.

In the great tradition of mischief-makers like Chris Morris, Mark Thomas, Sacha Baron Cohen and Dom Joly, Heydon Prowse and Jolyon Rubinstein once again bash a variety of arrogant, puffed-up people over the head with an inflated pig's bladder, on behalf of anyone who has stared open-mouthed at the arrogance, hypocrisy, corruption and greed of the various politicians, avaricious multinationals and tax-shy corporations who have been taking the piss out of the British public for years. Now it's their turn to be outraged, deceived, inconvenienced and humiliated.

For the last two years its bite-sized comedy hits - from fictionalised characters to ballsy stuntled sketches – have grabbed the headlines. This series their targets are every bit as varied and every bit as flummoxed by the boys' sheer chutzpah – and stretch to both sides of the Atlantic, having filmed in the UK and the USA. From Bill Clinton, Dennis Rodman, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Samuel L Jackson, Bryan Cranston and Blake Lively to the UN, Coca Cola, Wall Street, Gun Lovers, Pro-Lifers, Google, the whole of Las Vegas and Halliburton in the US, to UK hits on an unsuspecting Gordon Brown, Theresa May, American Apparel, Nando's, Wonga, Saatchi, the Premier League, The Sun and much, much more... all are confronted in a very public arena often with surprising results...

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