Armstrong & Miller

Over 100 characters including the Inappropriate Dentist, who regales his captive audience with tales of swinger parties and the state of his pet dog's prostate; Pru and Miranda, the two fat ladies with the difference that they can neither cook nor run Dandy Lion's, their brain-meltingly inefficient vegetarian restaurant in Hampstead; Tony and Dimitri, a hapless football manager and his Russian oligarch boss; Brabbins and Fyffe, the filthy alter-egos of Flanders and Swann; and many more. 

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    Alexander Armstrong, Ben Miller
  • Writers:
    Simon Blackwell, David Cadji-Newby, Anil Gupta, Richard Pinto,Nico Tatarowicz, Mark Bussell, George Jeffrie, Justin Sbresni, Bert Tyler-Moore, Ali Crockatt, David Scott, Tim Ifield, Laurence Howarth, Ben Edwards, Aidan Hawkes, Simon Ludders, Carl Carter and Tony Cooke
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