Bike Squad

'Bike Squad' takes a very different look at the police force. A new 'cycle cop scheme' is put in place for the obstinate constables so they can become a more 'mobile flexible response unit that takes down the glass between the police and the public'.

Set up as a sly form of punishment, Chief Inspector, Albert Custer has little faith in his squad and is certain this scheme will force them to quit. Sergeant John Rook has been in the force for years and while he enjoys teasing his colleagues, he would be the first to help them out when in trouble. However, when John is appointed 'Head of Bike Squad' he does all he can to avoid it - the only exercise John enjoys are eating and drinking! 

Fellow 'Bike Squad' member WPC Kate McFay - whom John has always thought of as 'just a lesbian' - is a tough and opinionated woman. Despite her differences with John, she realises they have things in common and Kate becomes a huge help with John's recent depressed state and family issues.

Together, they soon realise the best way to annoy their boss is to finally become good at their jobs and make 'Bike Squad' a success. With all odds against them, will they succeed?

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  • Genre:
  • First Broadcast:
  • Starring:
    Maxine Peake, Mark Addy, Phil Davis
  • Writers:
    Guy Jenkin
  • Latest Series:
  • Number of Series:
    1 x 90 min

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