From the creators of the BAFTA award winning 'Fonejacker' comes a sketch comedy series; 'Facejacker'.

Kayvan Novak once again wreaks havoc with the general public, but this time he gets up close and personal.

Disguised with the aid of prosthetics, Kayvan plays a dazzling multitude of fictional characters, some familiar and some brand new, including: the charismatic and many times divorced car salesman, Terry Tibbs (who manages to infiltrate TV shows such as Come Dine With Me, Secret Millionaire and a TV shopping channel with hilarious results); scamster Augustus Kwmbe, whose hypnotherapy service is really a front for stealing bank account details; and infuriating complain monger, Dufrais. New faces include charlatan art critic Brian Badonde and Dr Ali, former plastic surgeon to the late Saddam Hussein. All are thrust into real-life situations where Kayvan's targets (unsuspecting passers by) have no idea what's coming their way.

In Series 2, Kayvan travels to the USA to trick everyone from beauty pageant contestants, baseball fans and gourmet cheese merchants amongst others. New characters in Series 2 also make their mark on the innocent public. Ray, recently released from prison now spends his days giving advice to school leavers and Augustine, the fiesty and highly oversexed cousin of Augustus Kwmbe overpowers her male targets to say the least.
'Facejacker' showcases Kayvan Novak's amazing array of voices and characters as well as his sublime comic improvisational skills.

'Facejacker' takes 'Fonejacker' to another dimension...

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    Kayvan Novak
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    Kayvan Novak and Ed Tracy
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