It's Only A Theory

The entertainment show that gives experts the chance to present their theories to a panel of curious, intelligent and funny inquisitors The world is full of people with theories. Mohammed Al Fayed thinks Prince Philip murdered Princess Diana; the French national football team coach picks his starting XI based on star signs; Professor Brian Greene thinks we are held down on to the earth by strings of Gravitons and Jeremy Clarkson thinks that global warming is fictitious.

But how would these theories stand up to scrutiny? 'It's Only A Theory' gives airtime to a parade of scientists, sports psychologists, beauticians, property experts, investors, fitness gurus and assorted eccentrics, to air their theories in front of a panel of curious, intelligent and funny inquisitors.

The two regular inquisitors will be writer, director and comedian, Andy Hamilton (QI, Have I Got News For You) and American stand up comedian, Reginald D. Hunter (8 Out of 10 Cats, Never Mind the Buzzcocks). Andy and Reginald are joined by different comedians and intellectuals each week.

Together they will kick the theories around, demand demonstrations, graphics, quotes, pictures, anything to interrogate the theorists as closely, interestingly and amusingly as possible. Then they'll decide whether the theory should be upheld or belongs in the shredder.

At the end of the show the panellists sum up what they have learned, detailing all the theories that have been accepted and allowing the theorists one last comment on their success or failure. A total of 5 theories per episode will be presented to the panel, which range from the refined to the ridiculous, from Showers rot your brain, to The origins of Man and even the theory behind the Loch Ness Monster.

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