Jeffrey Archer: The Truth

For years the truth about Jeffrey Archer was suppressed for reasons of state security. He took the blame selflessly, suffered abuse, disgrace and imprisonment for the nation's good. Now, finally, he's free to tell his story.

And from The Beatles to Blair, from Lady Archer to Lady Thatcher, at last the shocking facts can be revealed. It's a story of intrigue, jealousy, passion and romance. With characteristic modesty, Archer charts his stratospheric rise to fame and fortune, revealing details of his friendships with the great and the good and exposing the malign forces who sought to destroy him.

This is a tale of conspiracy, heroism and romance - and a good deal of it is true.

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  • Starring:
    Damian Lewis, Greta Scacchi, Ben Miller, Richard Griffiths.
  • Writers:
    Guy Jenkin
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    1 x 90 min

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