Miss Marie Lloyd

London's East End at the turn of the 20th century was the birthplace and home of music hall, and nobody personified the energy, bawdiness and humour of the halls more than Marie Lloyd, who became a legend in her own lifetime. 

She sang of a life of lewd behaviour and moonlight flits, but musical fiction paled next to the facts of her own outrageous life. Miss Marie Lloyd depicts the star's rise to fame set against her troubled private life. Famed for her generosity and good humour, she scandalised respectable society with her rebellious attitude and with a string of love affairs, which were salaciously covered in the tabloid papers. 

The film features some of Marie Lloyd's most famous songs, including 'My Old Man Said Follow The Van' and her theme song 'A Little Of What You Fancy Does You Good', painting a poignant portrait of public success and personal sadness.

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  • Genre:
  • First Broadcast:
  • Starring:
    Jessie Wallace, Richard Armitage, Matthew Marsh, Tom Payne, Lee Williams, Shaun Parkes, Angus Barnett, Amanda Root, Annette Badland
  • Writers:
    Martyn Hesford
  • Latest Series:
  • Number of Series:
    1 x 80 mins

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