A funny, moving and compelling mini-soap set in the bedrooms of adjoining houses, in an ordinary street in an ordinary London suburb. ‘Bedtime’ peeks behind the curtains and watches the night-time rituals of three contrasting couples in the last half hour of their day.

Andrew and Alice find themselves with new neighbours, each bringing new dangers and mysteries to the street. The many perils include problem girlfriends, spin-doctors, suicide prawns and sexual rejection. In every house, the truth is laid bare – and it’s not a pretty sight.

A comedy serial about that most dangerous time of the day when tired people attempt impossibly difficult conversations.

Written by:
Andy Hamilton
Sheila Hancock, Timothy West, Alun Armstrong, Adam Paul Harvey, Stephen Tompkinson, Doon Mackichan, Kevin McNally, Emma Pierson, Claire Skinner, David Gillespie, Meera Syal, Sienna Miller, Victoria Carling, Fay Ripley
BBC One, 2001
No. of series: