Drop The Dead Donkey

Welcome to the Globelink News team, primed and ready to bring you the latest news…somehow. Under the ineffective management of Gus, the team bicker, fight, tease, gamble and mock their way through the day’s news. Their professional rivalries and domestic traumas are laid bare on the floor of the newsroom.

Star news-readers Henry and Sally hate each other. Amoral foreign reporter Damien would sell his grandmother for a story. Lecherous news assistant Dave would sell his grandmother for a bet. Hypochondriac editor George does his best to lead the team, while both Alex and Helen, his deputies do their best to limit the damage.

Work all takes place under the management of Gus Could we interlock brain spaces in my work area? Hedges, an ambitious and manipulative studio executive.

Written by:
Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin
Neil Pearson, Jeff Rawle, David Swift, Stephen Tompkinson, Robert Duncan, Victoria Wicks, Susannah Doyle
Channel 4, 1990
No. of series: