Game On

They’re young, they’re bright and they’re sexy – so why aren’t they having a good time?

‘Game On’ revolves around the home life of three twenty somethings sharing a flat. Mandy is gorgeous and clever. She’s looking for a Mr Right who wants her for her mind as well as her body. Matthew is a self-obsessed agoraphobic. His favourite occupations are tormenting Martin and fantasising about sex. Martin is a shy ginger-haired bank clerk. His mum still prepares and freezes all his meals and he really, really wants a girlfriend.

This is an honest and almost painfully funny portrait of the highs and lows of single life in the not-so-caring nineties. Its dark humour explores the obsessions and insecurities of contemporary society and struck a chord with a large and enthusiastic audience.

Written by:
Andrew Davies and Bernadette Davis
Samantha Janus, Matthew Cottle, Ben Chaplin, Neil Stuke
BBC Two, 1995
No. of series: