Some Girls

A comedy about group of quirky 16-year-old girls who live on the same inner city estate.

The series follows the lives and loves of four best friends – Viva, Holli, Amber and Saz as they journey through their last few years at Greenshoots Academy. All the excitement of their first music festival, romantic entanglements, the school prom and even the prospect that their school may be chosen to feature in a television documentary. What’s more they need to find time to revise for exams, play a bit of football and hang out at Viva’s house eating pizza.

Written by:
Bernadette Davis
Adelayo Adedayo, Natasha Jonas, Alice Felgate, Mandeep Dhillon, Dolly Wells, Colin Salmon, Jacob Scipio, Jassa Ahluwalia, Franz Drameh, Chris Kendall
BBC Three 2012
No. of series: