You, Me & Them

You can choose your partner, but you can’t choose your family.

When two people fall in love, they don’t just get each other, they get each other’s family too. Whether they like it or not. When Lauren and Ed realise they are soulmates, their respective families think they’re crazy a twenty-six year age difference, it’ll never work!

But it quickly turns out that Ed and Lauren have the most “normal” of relationships and it’s the chaotic extended family who have problems; including the sister who settled down too young, the teenage daughter who wants to get out fast, the mother who only wants what’s best for her grown-up daughters, as long as she gets to decide what that is, the middle aged overweight brother who just wants to find love (and a job), and the monstrous ex-wife who just loves to pop up at the most inappropriate moments.

Families are always there for you. Unfortunately.

Written by:
Steve Turner and Jonathan Harvey
Anthony Head, Eve Myles, Nigel Betts, Daisy Beaumont, Marcus Garvey, Susie Blake, Jeff Rawle, Miller Henderson, Alice Felgate
Gold, 2013
No. of series: